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Our Lawyer

When you buy a Lagom product, your lawyer will be Mike Anderson. Mike is an entertainment and tech lawyer at Inter Alia Law. 


We like Mike because he is creative, experienced, and we can actually understand his explanation of concepts like indemnification.


When he's not providing Lagom services, Mike helps a talented group of clients, including: a beloved Canadian storyteller; a giant Canadian company innovating every day; an award-winning musician working on her next album; a huge incubation hub supporting innovators; and many more (but not too many more...ever seen Jerry Maguire?).

Mike co-hosts the Lawyer Life Podcast; is a proud Dad to two youngsters; and once worked at MTV Canada before he became a lawyer (weird fact - Prime Minister Trudeau shaved Mike's beard in a MTV News segment about Movember).


Mike received his J.D. from the University of Ottawa Faculty of Law in 2013. In 2014, he became licensed to practice law by the Law Society of Ontario after articling at Dentons LLP. 

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